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The Klosterschule was founded in 1872 as a secondary school for girls. In 1992, the school became the first state-run all-day grammar school (“Gymnasium”) in Hamburg, a real exception in all of Germany. Today, about 1000 pupils attend the Klosterschule. About 80 teachers work at the school.

Our school is near the “Berliner Tor” public transportation station, where busses, subways and local trains cross. The short walk to school leads through a pedestrian-friendly zone, an important factor in a large city.

Most of the classrooms are in a historical building designed by the well-known 20th-century architect Fritz Schumacher. This beautiful brick building has been complemented by newer buildings to meet the demands of an all-day school like a cafeteria with a professional kitchen, quiet study rooms, a library, a separate girls room as well as one for boys, a workshop and a room for playing board games.

It is the Klosterschule’s foremost goal, to not only educate children from different social and cultural backgrounds but also to teach them to treat each other in a fair and respectful manner. At the moment children enter the Klosterschule after their fourth year of school. Due to a change of the schooling system in Hamburg this will change to year seven in 2011. The pupils come from many different primary schools all over the city. Many of our pupils are bilingual, and more than 40 different mother tongues are spoken. Conveying cross-cultural competence is naturally an important goal for us, supported in everyday-life at school.

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