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Starting in 5th grade, pupils can add an extra two lessons from the field of esthetical education (Choir, practical music, band, drama, art) to the normal curriculum of two art lessons, which are marked like all other lessons. In this way these pupils do not simply get two extra lessons, but are put in special courses with other pupils who have the same strong interest in different forms of art and have demonstrated their artistic talent. Thus, these courses consistently do higher-than average work and have received many prizes in art competitions. The children develop their imagination; they follow their individual inclinations, and we support them in doing so. Art helps to extend experience, to orient oneself in our environment, urges interpretation, and offers alternatives. Art leaves old paths and opens new ways.

It is important to us to explore all areas of this subject, not just painting, drawing, and sculpting but also product design, film, photography, architecture, installation, performance, and fashion. Differentiation and personal consultation and promotion of individual talent are at the centre of the Fine Arts focus. The pupils’ work is exhibited within, and when the opportunity arises, outside school. The central location of the Klosterschule makes it easy to visit exhibitions in Hamburg’s museums. Because Fine Arts is promoted in every class, the Klosterschule regularly offers a Fine Arts A-Level-Course (Profilkurs “Kunst und Kultur”).

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