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On either Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, the pupils stay together with their teachers until 4 p.m. to take part in different projects. Attendance is compulsory. These projects can take place either in or outside of school. They range from cooking pasta, visiting a theatre performance or a museum, to doing handicrafts, ice-skating, or increasing computer literacy. The class can also use this time to go in-depth on certain aspects of the morning lessons. Preparing for competitions or researching on the Internet are also possibilities. The pupils and their teachers also visit companies and offices to gain insight into the world of work. The open afternoon leaves time for

  • preparing for presentations,
  • presenting group and project work,
  • practising for exams in small groups,
  • visiting exhibitions and museums,
  • learning to handle and analyse different media,
  • planning and structuring larger undertakings such as projects, internships or class trips,
  • learning how to use libraries,
  • acquiring basic knowledge and techniques of computer-assisted work,
  • teaching sexual, health and traffic education,
  • practicing and using techniques for dealing with conflicts,
  • class trips and excursions,
  • celebrations.
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