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In a bold move in 2004 the Klosterschule abolished homework for the students from year 5 to 10. It has been replaced by the so called “Study Time” (between 135 and 180 minutes per week) during which pupils can work independently for the main subjects under the surveillance of a teacher. This individual study time allows teachers to differentiate assignments according to the capacity of the learner. It also ensures that the school day really ends at 4 p.m. and is not lengthened by a big domestic work load. It is also a means of ensuring that pupils with a less academic background get the attention they need. “Study Time” gives the opportunity to:
  • practice methods and topics studied in class,
  • reinforce learning techniques and methods,
  • promote greater independence,
  • increase the pupil’s responsibility for his or her academic advancement on a step-by-step basis,
  • work at individual speed,
  • work on tasks, which are differentiated according to the individual’s needs,
  • increase quality and personal care taken in doing the tasks,
  • maintain a good level of concentration because the teacher remains present,
  • overcome individual frustration with working alone,
  • introduce and encourage the pupils’ use of reference books, specialised encyclopaedias etc., which are often not available at home.
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